• 18 June, 2024
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Top 3 Altcoins to Invest in a Crypto Bear Market

1.  Ethereum (ETH)

The biggest altcoin on the market, Ethereum (ETH), is one of the top 3 altcoins you should watch out for in the bear market. This perception is based upon the history of how it held up in all of the previous crypto winters.

The supply of ETH will eventually decline as a result of the Merge event’s new deflationary characteristics, providing more value to the coin. Additionally, there could be increased institutional interest in Ethereum, which would increase its value.

Ethereum is going to thrive thanks to the thousands of decentralized apps and other cryptocurrencies that are powered by its blockchain.

At the time of writing, ETH is trading at a price of $1,277.25, and has a market cap of $156.3 billion.

2. Chainlink (LINK)

Blockchain abstraction layer, Chainlink (LINK), makes it feasible for universally connected smart contracts to operate. Chainlink (LINK), one of the first networks to permit the incorporation of off-chain data into smart contracts, has emerged as a key participant in the data processing industry.

Currently, LINK is a crucial component of the Chainlink ecosystem, and is in-charge of making a number of crypto-related operations possible, including staking for security, and incentives, network administration, and payment costs.

At the time of writing, LINK is trading at a price of $7.38, and has a market cap of $3.7 billion.

3. Theta Network (Theta)

A peer-to-peer video streaming platform that aims to decentralize media on demand, is powered by the Theta cryptocurrency.

Users pool their surplus computer power and unused bandwidth across the network to provide content to platform users, and Theta has therefore developed the first Decentralized Streaming Network (DSN).

On November 8, THETA price fell below the $1.05 mark, and has not yet recovered. The daily RSI has created a bullish split, whilst the token is rising despite this bear market.

At the time of writing, Theta is trading at a price of $0.89, and has a market cap of $892 million.

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