• 14 July, 2024
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Are the Clintons Involved With SBF-FTX? Bitboy Crypto Doesn’t Think So

It seems that many people are curious about whether or not the Clinton family is associated in SBF-FTX, therefore the controversial YouTuber and crypto influencer Bitboy Crypto has posted a thread with what he claims to be a conclusive explanation.

BitBoy began by claiming that the Democrats were helped greatly by Sam Bankman-Fried. The influencer continued by saying that it should be borne in mind that some funds were contributed to the Republican Party, mostly via the whistleblower Ryan Salame, due to SBF’s claims that he would have been condemned by the media for doing so.

Bitboy argues that, as these politicians can’t possibly know more about crypto and exchanges than the rest of us, they couldn’t have known FTX was bankrupt or a scam when they collected the money.

Bitboy said:

“I have tons of video, audio, emails, & text messages of key players like Dan Friedberg literally admitting felonies. It’s unreal. A complex, fine tuned political apparatus would never operate like this.”

The YouTuber responded with a loud “no” to the question of whether the powerful Clinton political family was involved. He continued, saying that politicians’ connections to SBF & FTX had caused them severe harm, especially on the Democratic side (though the Republicans have taken some of the heat, too).

Bitboy claims this proves that neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton had anything to do with it. If it weren’t for an unexpected spark, the FTX story never would have made such a stir.

He concluded with:

“Sam did of course join Bill Clinton on stage at a conference. In fact, I actually spoke with the man who connected the two of them for that event. But in my opinion, this is a big red herring.”

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