25 April, 2024

El Salvador is Educating Students on Bitcoin to Boost Adoption

27 Dec, 2022

29 Nov, 2023

By teaching students, the El Salvadoran government is making strides toward its goal of fostering universal acceptance of bitcoin. Even through the worst of the crypto winters, the Central American country maintains its primary emphasis on the widespread acceptance of Bitcoin.

If students are exposed to Bitcoin at a young age, it may help pave the way for broad acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the development of new use cases for them as those students grow up and become productive members of society.

There is a video that has gone popular on Twitter that shows instructors in El Salvador teaching their pupils about Bitcoin as part of a ten-week long lesson plan.

The instructors provide the students a hands-on demonstration that illustrates how to accept bitcoins over the Lightning network. Students get instruction on a wide variety of subjects, including Bitcoin lightning, nodes, double spending, and Bitcoin halving.

In a related development, the government of El Salvador has formed a National Bitcoin Office, abbreviated as ONBTC, to monitor local initiatives linked to cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general.

It is intended that the newly created ONBTC agency would work in conjunction with agencies from other nations on issues pertaining to BTC by creating bilateral agreements.

The statement from the government mentioned that the mission of the Bitcoin office will be to create, diagnose, plan, program, coordinate, follow up, measure, analyze, and evaluate plans, programs, and projects linked to Bitcoin with the purpose of contributing to the economic growth of the nation. According to the government, it will also have the capability to engage with other nations in topics relating to the BTC when this becomes necessary.



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