• 29 May, 2024
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HBAR Price Targets Set by Analyst: Key Levels to Watch

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto has shared a comprehensive update regarding the market outlook for Hedera (HBAR). In his analysis, Egrag reveals three significant price targets for the current market cycle.

Egrag identifies the first target at $0.58, a level corresponding to the 1.0 Fibonacci retracement. This target represents a significant milestone for HBAR, suggesting a substantial upward movement from the current price of $0.1108. The analyst notes the market’s tendency to reach equilibrium before making significant moves, indicating the importance of this level.


The second target is set at $1.25, aligned with the 1.272 Fibonacci retracement. This level suggests a further bullish trend, implying a more than tenfold increase from the current price. According to Egrag, this target reflects the market’s potential to sustain a prolonged upward trajectory, driven by increased investor interest and positive market sentiment.

The final target is projected at $3.30, marked by the 1.618 Fibonacci retracement. This ambitious target underscores the potential for substantial gains in the HBAR market and the long-term bullish outlook. Egrag’s analysis indicates that reaching this level would signify a major breakthrough in the HBAR market.

Throughout the analysis, Egrag emphasizes the importance of the current market equilibrium. His analysis illustrates historical price movements, showing previous instances where HBAR reached similar equilibrium phases before significant price surges. The current market conditions suggest a potential repeat of this pattern, reinforcing the validity of the projected targets.

Hedera’s market performance has been tremendous, setting a new yearly high of $0.18 a few days ago. However, since failing to hold this level, HBAR has faced a pullback at the $0.10 region, whereby it has been consolidating. Over the past month, HBAR has recorded a surge of almost 40%, showcasing its resilience amid the fluctuating market. 

As of press time, HBAR is exchanging hands at $0.1108, which is up by 0.81% in the daily chart. HBAR’s market capitalization and trading volume stand at $3.93 billion and $84 million, respectively.

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