• 26 May, 2024

SHIB – The Metaverse: Community Video Submissions

Shiba Inu states ‘The Metaverse’ is poised to become the ultimate culmination of its history as a virtually-displayed visual showcase of its community. In an official Shiba Swap blog post, Shiba Inu reveals its plans to exhibit innovation with unity, in the #ShibArmy’s home.

Sharing the good news, SHIB The Metaverse tweeted:

Building immersive environments, Shiba Inu wants to steer direction for the studio experts in alignment with community and broadcasting feedback.

Land holders in the #ShibArmy rejoice, Shiba Inu is reinforcing its commitment to fully build each land. A call-to-action is set forward by Shiba Inu to its community members for the future.

Promotional videos are set to be released on its Metaverse developments, Shiba Inu is also set to inculcate its community in its publications endeavor. By doing so, Shiba Inu wants to headline true decentralization.

Maximum 1-2 minutes long vertically or horizontally-shot community video submissions at the highest resolution are called for submission.

The video topic or subject could be the excitement the community has for the SHIB project. It could also exhibit their expectations on what to include in their land, or their reason of joining the #ShibArmy.

It’s not required for the video submitting community to use their image in submissions. Instead, their submissions could also be a voiceover. In this case, audio clips up to 1 minute in duration are accepted.

The respective community submissions would be duly credited with their username if their submitted video or audio is used. If those submitting expect to be anonymous, then that would also be done.

Shiba Inu wants to showcase the SHIB community’s energetic and clever creativity in their video submissions. Those submitting can expect to be awarded a special gift by SHIB if they are the top contributors.

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