• 18 June, 2024

Woman Comes Up A Stage With Proof that BitBoy Crypto is a Scammer

A video of a lady who was taken on stage by crypto YouTuber BitBoy Crypto who believed she had no proof of him being a fraudster can be seen in a tweet sent by the famed Terra insider FatManTerra.

A Twitter thread by Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT was then brought up by her after that. When the YouTuber sees that the lady has credible proof, he abruptly cuts her off and begins shouting that she is a predator who preys on children.

FatMan says:

“What infuriates me is that scammers with power or a large platform can very, very easily knock down and discredit credible criticism – and gaslight/strawman people into believing they were right all along. There is no possible recourse because the respondent has no real voice.”

The ZachXBT post in question makes the claim that it will expose the cons associated with BitBoy Crypto by impersonating a venture that is searching for publicity. According to the charges made in this thread, BitBoy made money off of the failure of other cryptocurrency initiatives.

The videos that BitBoy had put on Twitter advertising the fraudulent projects were later removed, allegedly in an effort to conceal his participation. It is quite evident that basic due diligence is not being done, and that profits are being prioritized above following with shills. ZachXBT said that even because a video was removed from YouTube does not indicate that the event in question did not take place.

In response to the allegations, BitBoy said:

“We’ve already addressed every single allegation. It’s not my fault if you don’t know how to use Google. It’s really cool you ride Zach’s dick because you can’t do research yourself.”

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